Let's talk about your reputation.

It creates the crucial expectations about what you can do and how you will do it. This is the basis for being hired for different projects or assignments and for attracting customers and clients. Your reputation is built on three key factors in particular, which for most of us are surprisingly vague:

1. The perceived level of your expertise. We are far more competent than we realize.
2. The soft skills that translate your expertise into successful action. Reports from Google, LinkedIn and the World Economic Forum indicate that they account for 85% of the results (!)
3. The knowledge of the bugs that can stand in the way of your success.

You may have brilliant business ideas or career strategies, but it all comes down to how you are perceived - your professional reputation. When you understand the full impact of this, your business, career and professional development will take on a new dimension.

There is nothing more powerful, but paradoxically it is our most unknown and least exploited asset.

An attractive reputation is the golden key that opens doors to exciting people, clients and companies that you want to learn from, do business with or be hired by. We can't think of a more important strategy.

"Per is a dedicated game changer and pioneer who chisels out the uniqueness of his clients and contributes significantly to the breakthroughs that can be revolutionary."

- Per's professional reputation, analyzed 2022

"With a unique and limitless mindset and total passion Magdalena turns the client’s concept into a success, and working with her is an opportunity of a lifetime."

- Magdalena's professional reputation, analyzed 2023

The process:

Need to have: an analysis of your professional reputation

Do you want the opportunity to take your professional life to a new level and find yourself in assignments where your strengths and what you want can be fully exploited? Are you curious about your soft skills or the bugs that can get in the way and how to deal with them?

The analysis of your reputation results in a report - a Reputation Resumé - which is a unique document that gives you an in-depth knowledge of both your professional reputation and your soft skills. 

The ambition is for it to be the most important document in your professional life.

"I read the summary of my reputation 2-3 times a week and keep it as the Number One key performance indicator for my daily actions."
Robert Bloom - Founder of MyFlow 

Nice to have: coaching on the results of the analysis

Once you have identified your soft skills - which can become your success factors, it is time to start putting them into practice - which is easier to do with someone than on your own.

Magdalena steps in as your mentor during 4 online sessions. She helps you with tools and strategies to incorporate the results of your analysis into your professional life.

The analysis will tell you about any "bugs" you may have. These will also be dealt with in your coaching so that you get a clear understanding of how to deal with them.

Cherry on top: if the whole team has had its professional reputation analysed on an individual level, we can offer you a team activity where we find your collective success factors.

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Your approach is powerful, revolutionary, beautiful and personally mind blowing. Thank you for what you do to people and organisations - it changes everything.
- Sven Hultin, Entrepreneur, Coach, Business Advisor

Many coaches like to take on the role of expert and although Magdalena gave me expert advice, she also acted as a sounding board for me throughout, bouncing my ideas back and forth until they landed just right.
Nothing beats the feeling of achieving a goal you never thought you'd achieve. Magdalena shortened my journey from 1-2 years to 3-4 months!
- Bianca Kravitz, coaching client

Your way of analysing and making personal strengths concrete is unbeatable and the story and profile of each individual is unique and powerful. You do it extremely well and it has never been easier to recommend someone. All these years after Tom Peters coined the concept of Brand You, you are the first to find a way to make it real.
- Paul Holmström, Chairman of the Board Bioss Sweden